Fat Funk Sax

Fat Funk Sax is the band you need to bring that oh-so-special James Brown vibe into your party.
This is funk with a hip hop type of breaks (but no MC rapping).
This is funk but with a more urban edge.
This is funk with a high energy vibe.
This is funk to get the house dancing.
This is funk spiked with some psycho-delic flavours.
This is funk laced with Latin salsa.
This is Fat Funk Sax fronted by the awesome talents of Craig Crofton and James Morton.

Check out the Fat FunkSax aka
Los Mercanarios'playing live'
1.James Brown's Pass The Peas ..
2.Underground Sample.
3. Snatch
4.Red Clay

Mark Archer and his amazing Blowout band gave us a fantastic open air Summer Jubilee party. The music was superb and the band members friendly and fun. Mark was very accommodating and understanding of the requirements for our party which was of all ages. They even played beyond the agreed time.

Becky Derry-Evans on behalf of the Landsdown Crescent Association.Bath..June 2002.